Team spirit: employees’ voices

Work across segments was the focus for HR in 2022 (see also Five questions for the CPO). Seven employees in the Zur Rose Group technology team talk about how their daily working lives have changed.

The Zur Rose Group has various sub-brands and is active in four key markets. 2,700 employees contribute to the success of the business model every day. The launch of the profitability programme and the transformation of the Target Operating Model drew the focus in 2022 to work across segments. Seven employees working in technology at Zur Rose talk about what it feels like when barriers vanish and several teams become one.

Place of work: Frauenfeld, Switzerland
Part of the Zur Rose Group since: October 2021


Advanced Specialist Data Analytics

“Instead of working on a single solution for a small part of the company, now I can work on different projects across locations. Not only have I got to know new colleagues, I have also gained familiarity with tools I had never used before. I feel I am bringing real added value to the entire organisation. That motivates me all the more.”

Place of work: Winterthur, Switzerland
Part of the Zur Rose Group since: October 2020


Senior Consultant

“There is an increasingly strong sense of togetherness with the teams from other locations and segments emerging: instead of being a lone wolf, I now feel part of the bigger picture. I entirely support the idea of abolishing silo thinking and replacing it with agile working. This allows us to focus on creating new things together and optimising our products and services in the best possible way.”

Place of work: Heerlen, Netherlands
Part of the Zur Rose Group since: April 2016


Team Lead IT Service Center

“The way we work has become much leaner: pathways are now shorter, and decisions are made more quickly. And when you can no longer see the woods for the trees in a project, the expertise of colleagues in other locations is incredibly valuable. Continuously exchanging knowledge allows us to meet rising demands quickly and satisfactorily.”

Place of work: Berlin, Germany
Part of the Zur Rose Group since: March 2020


Product Lead Apps

“For years, I had little contact with the teams at other locations. But we all face similar challenges and can learn from each other. I appreciate working with lots of different people and cultures, I personally find it enjoyable and enriching. Thanks to the flat hierarchies, I also feel more integrated into the corporate group and more tied into the various teams.”

Place of work: Mannheim, Germany
Part of the Zur Rose Group since: March 2022


Product Owner Order Management

“I have been with the Zur Rose Group for a year and can confirm that the promises that got me excited as an applicant are actually being lived out. There are no noticeable limits or impediments to working with the different tech teams. This efficient dialogue is incredibly valuable for me and my work.”

Place of work: Barcelona, Spain
Part of the Zur Rose Group since: December 2019


Data Engineer

“In the data engineering team, we are constantly exchanging ideas across countries and pursuing the same goal. We can express our own opinions, appreciate different perspectives and share what we have learned with each other. It feels good to be part of an international technology company.”

Place of work: Barcelona, Spain
Part of the Zur Rose Group since: April 2021


Product Owner

“Working across segments promotes the feeling of being part of one big team. At the same time, it creates more transparency and visibility when it comes to the products and services we develop. What I find personally rewarding is the multicultural exchange of views with colleagues, which also helps me to constantly question my perspective and sometimes think outside the box.”

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