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At a glance

2022 was an eventful year for the Zur Rose Group. These figures and facts provide a brief overview.

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Letter to Shareholders

The Zur Rose Group achieved its targets set for 2022: external revenue amounted to CHF 1,836.7 million. Thanks to the consistent implementation of the break-even programme, adjusted EBITDA improved significantly by CHF 59.2 million.

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Profitability 1/3

New state-of-the-art logistics

In August 2022, the Zur Rose Group opened its second, highly automated logistics centre in Heerlen, the Netherlands.

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Profitability 2/3

Five questions for the CPO

In the interview Benjamin Staub Baumgartner explains why the transformation of the Target Operating Model was the key project in the People area last year, what the biggest challenges were and what he demands of himself and his role.

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Profitability 3/3

Team spirit: employees’ voices

Cross-segment work was the focus of HR department in 2022. Seven employees in the Zur Rose Group technology team talk about how their daily working lives have changed.

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Sustainability Report

Sustainable development goals, optimised governance structure, CO2 footprint and diversity and inclusion: the Zur Rose Group has forged ahead with its sustainability strategy in the second year of reporting on it.

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The five-year comparison of key figures provides an overview. The full Financial Report gives a detailed insight into the consolidated and annual financial statements.

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